Folk traditions


Here the folk traditions and habits are preserved. In Homorod and Mercheațșa the first day of Christmas the boys dressed up in traditional clothes and carol for the girls. In both places the second day of Christmas, the second day of New Year’s Eve, Epiphany and St. John, balls are organized.

At the end of August and the beginning of September young people dressed up in traditional wear are organizing balls called the “Vintage Ball”.  The day starts with a worship here evey “Keeper” is attending. Keepers are those young people who are organizing the ball. In the past keepers where those who where defending the grapes from the thiefs. After the worship the keepers get on some carts and they are inviting everyone the ball. They also sing and offer wine for those who are on the streets. Sometimes they dance popular dances as a teaser. And when the night comes, the ball starts.


When someone is getting married in Mercheașa a day before the wedding the youth adorns the brides or the grooms gate with fir and branches, then greeted by the grooms or the bride’s family with buckets full of water. On the wedding day, the young ones are cooking in traditional clots and asking for the bride’s hand, then leaving for the ceremony.

In the year 2007 a few persons in Jimbor thought that they should re-establish the brass band that once was known in the village. From 2007 Orbán Mihály, he lives in the village started to give lessons for those who wanted to join the band. Until 2010 when a professional bandmaster Vágási István from Barót, Brașov county, started to teach the brass band. In 2014 they bought themselves uniforms. In every year, they participate to several get-togethers, meetings, this year they were even invited to Budapest. Here are the most important events when they play Christmas (in the church), 15th March, Pentecost, funerals, weddings. The band has15 members, between 13 and 46 years old.

Another important tradition in Jimbor is also a ball called the “Basket ball” on Februaries first Saturday. They call it Basket ball, after picnic baskets. Only married couples are invited; everybody has to bring with himself a picnic basket filled with drinks and food. The organisers are 2 or 3 married couples, and there is only live music.

The next event what is important to mention is another ball called the “Hunters ball”. In every year when the hunting season ends, it depends on the weather February or Marc, the hunters from the commune are organizing a ball usually in Jimbor to celebrate that another season ended successfully. Only the hunters and their family members are invited.